the beginningsick of feeling sickdragonheartgolden gate [revisited]i dread the nightthe three stoogesthree corn cobsspellboundeverything in it's right placedann schlägt dein herzwaiting for a sirens callwhen she beginsthree fiftydayshiftpunked revisitedfloodedpain is temporary, pride is foreverroot downend of a journeyno pain, no gainlove, peace and harmony...the two of youfingerprintdown on the world againlet it be megotta know the rulesi wasn't born to followanother state of mindthrough these eyesdon't take me for grantedhalf domemonoaural IIsea cow - sort ofbarrierhouse of god - forsakenhard lightexit strategylots of slotslittle buddha IItrauma roomwine, thoughts and cigarettesin between daysschau mir in die augen, kleinessmoking man and hidden chimneyostwärtstake a seat, enjoy the show!plug into itexit woundsoutbreakno humans allowedpunkedthis is what it feels likenewspaper from 1991working class heroselfresistanceleft tracesgolden gate in fog Ithe sourcebenchesruhe vor werft 11going upgive a handsit down and relaxdeutsche welle [2]deutsche welle [1]