me at sutro bath/san francisco

christian baron, *1971, bonn/germany
impassioned photographer

lines, symmetries, structures, simplicity, minimalism, faces, moods...
that is fascinating me and i'm always on the run to capture moments like these.
if you enjoy my pictures, feel free to leave a comment! if you're interested in prints or want to ask any other things, don't hesitate to write me an email.
some images require a different background for better viewing, you can switch between the dark side and the bright side of life in the top right corner.

the image to the left was shot by philipp striebe


i shoot both digital and analog (more the latter) with several cameras and lenses by hasselblad, rollei, voigtlaender, hartblei, leica, nikon, canon, polaroid and furthermore some "less sophisticated" but even "more fun" cameras like different lomos, holga and some other varieties of cheap and dirty filmwasters.

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inspirations and resources

gerard laurenceau | michael kenna | stefan loeliger | gerd bonfert | james nachtwey | vernon trent | boris weishaupt | philippe marchand | marcin stawiarz | thiaps | aphog | thomas solecki | tilla pe | christoph gerhartz | spuersinn | michael wolf | michael k. trout | h.g. esch | tomas riehle | juliane eirich | thomas herrmann | jean-philippe poli

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legal stuff

all images are copyrighted and owned by christian baron. you may not use these images for commercial or private purposes without my permission. if you're interested in prints or reusing any of my images please contact me under contact [at] tageswerk [dot] net